Vision Ethos and Beliefs

Our environment is designed to foster the development of


children who are ideally prepared to move on to and thrive at primary school.


It is now a well known fact that the first years of life are a very busy and crucial time for the development of brain circuits. Consequently, the impact of relationships and experiences during this time are vitally important and it is a time when the foundations of lifelong health, well-being and learning are formed.

At Papillon we provide a secure, safe, stimulating and exciting environment in which children are cared for and nurtured by responsive adults, all of whom clearly enjoy children’s company and who provide high quality interactions. All our staff are trained to recognise children’s sensitive, optimum developmental stages. Real life multi – sensory play experiences and learning opportunities are provided which naturally promote the development of communication, social, emotional and cognitive skills.

It is very important that children experience consistency of care and are able to form secure attachments with caregivers in these early years. For this reason we pride ourselves on an outstanding staff retention record with staff members typically staying with us between 5 and 21 years. Currently our staff are all mothers and therefore have an immense amount of personal and professional experience to draw upon.

Our staff team is highly qualified, very experienced and well educated; they are therefore perfectly equipped to provide an environment which encourages children to satisfy their innate curiosity and thirst for learning. Children are respected as individuals with their own learning styles and aptitudes and they are allowed to develop at their own pace whilst we encourage and motivate them to reach their full potential.

We are passionate about helping children to develop holistically with the aim that they become well rounded, happy, confident and resilient children who enjoy a life long love of learning. We place emphasis on caring for each other and the wider environment and respect for one anothers feelings, opinions and needs. Children are encouraged to develop a can do and positive outlook. As part of this process we believe that children need opportunities to try things out, experiment and explore and to know that sometimes learning is achieved by making mistakes, reflecting and then implementing changes.

We endeavour to create a warm welcoming home from home at Papillon, where all children can flourish irrespective of ethnicity, culture or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties, disabilities or gender and where all children and parents are valued and supported.

Above all we like children to have fun while they learn and develop.