• We teach children the importance of keeping healthy and active and create a healthy culture throughout our setting.

    We provide a healthy snack mid morning and afternoon. This consists of organic milk, filtered water, fruit and vegetables and a variety of bread products; where possible these are organic.

    We encourage children to re use, recycle and compost as part of our teaching regarding the importance of  awareness and responsibilities in relation to the the environment.

  • Whilst technology has many benefits and is here to stay, there are are growing concerns amongst experts about the exposure of young children to, for example, screen based activities at this very young age and whilst the brain is at its optimum developmental stage. In the absence of data in the UK at present, many of these experts suggest erring on the side of caution regarding screen use and rather ensure children develop and practise the skills of  human interaction and learn by being active and using all their senses. At Papillon we follow the NHS guidelines (nothing for children under two years and up to two hours a day for  two to five year olds) we use limited computer access in the over three year class (Butterfly Class). Incidentally,  this is also in line with good practice resulting from research undertaken in France, Australia, U.S.A. and New Zealand.

    Technology does however provide wonderful research facilities and enables us to answer some of those wonderfully intricate questions children like to pose!

    Young children are very vulnerable to the effects of chemical toxicity and for this reason all our cleaning products are organic, eco friendly and toxin free; our air fresheners (supplied by a local organic skincare company) are made using organic essential oils.

    We monitor children’s well-being and involvement using the Ferre Laevers indicators. When children have high levels of well-being and involvement, it leads to high levels of child development and deep level learning. This system forms part of our constantly reflective practice and ensures we regularly evaluate children’s needs and the effectiveness of the rich learning environment we aim to provide both inside and outside.